Sports Massage is an important modality that is used by athletes. Jamaica has tremendous potential in all areas of sports; however, it has not adequately developed the support services to enhance these sporting activities. The need for the Sports Massage Therapist is clearly demonstrated by the extreme shortage of the personnel in all areas of Sports. Swedish and Medical Massage courses which are offered by some institutions are not adequate. In many cases, the students are taught too many techniques and therefore have difficulty transferring the knowledge and skills to the sports clients. This programme will address these problems.

 Target Groups

  • Physical Education Teachers
  • Para-medical Personnel
  • High School graduates 

Sports massage concentrates on the muscles and injuries specific to sporting activities. The programme is underpinned by a thorough understanding of the body, its functions, injury prevention and care. Areas included in the programme are:- 1. Pre-event massage 2. Post- event massage 3. Maintenance massage 4. Recovery techniques 5. Sports Taping 6. Simple Assessment Strategies 7. Important modalities and techniques that complement Sports massage and manipulation.

Entry Requirements:
4 CXCs inclusive of English Language and one of the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • A Biological Science subject.

Mature Entry:  Persons with training approved by the relevant professional body or with 2 years working experience in a related field.

Duration & Certification: This is a two-year diploma programme (including summer), however, participants may choose to pursue one year for which a Certificate will be awarded.




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