Another G.C. Foster College student has done extremely well in third year teaching practice. Mr. Romario Hamilton has made an indelible mark as a student teacher. Assigned to the McAuley Primary School in January 2017, Romario started with great optimism. However, with everything that is good in life, there are challenges to overcome.
Romario started experiencing issues during his time at McAuley where he had to teach students from varying background, some of whom were from the inner city. He highlighted that it was a bit difficult to communicate with them, causing him to be a bit discouraged. He explained that through perseverance, determination and guidance from one of his lecturers, Mr. Bernard Burton he was able to overcome the obstacle, enabling him to teach effectively. He was able to create a bond with the students so that the lessons could flow.
When asked about the strategies used to overcome some of these obstacles, he said that he developed the courage through his faith in God and belief in himself. He declared that through God, nothing is impossible.
He was also well admired by the staff and principal due to his attitude. He stated that the principal had a special love for him in particular and when he was leaving, she experienced some amount of sadness stating that he is invited to return for his fourth year practicum experience there.
G.C. Foster College continues to be proud of students who through hard work and dedication are changing lives through Physical Education & Sport.