G.C. Foster College hosted a Wrestling workshop from April 19 – 21, 2017. This year’s event was the second time running and took on the form of a Wrestling and Combat Sports Festival that included other combat sports. This combination of combat sporting events included Boxing, Wrestling, Taekwondo, Capoeira and Mixed Martial Arts. The event was in collaboration with various organizations, such as: the G.C. Foster College, Fight for Peace, The Jamaica Wrestling Federation, Mixed Martial arts Jamaica Sports Federation, Good life Living and Future Champs of Texas Wrestling Organization.

This venture was geared towards sensitizing and training young people in combat sports. The Fight for Peace organization is a non-profit organization that targets inner city children. They are responsible for sponsoring free programmes in boxing and Martial Arts, to uplift inner city communities. They are currently working on developing 6 communities through these sports. Kellie Magnus of Fight for Peace was elated to be part of this event. She indicated that the children showed a lot of interest and that it was a privilege for them to come to such a noble institution like G.C. Foster College.

Kevin Wallen, the president of Jamaica Wrestling Federation was pleased with the turnout and stated that he was really happy for the programme because Jamaicans have a natural talent for wrestling. He also commended G.C. Foster College for hosting the event, declaring that the atmosphere at the college was beautiful.


Marlon Gayle, G.C. Foster College Lecturer and a very instrumental person in the running of this event stated that this is just the start of something good; and that next year should be bigger and better.